Drive is a contemporary revision of the ideas that have intrigued artists in the beginning of the XX century: depiction of dynamics inherent to an urban ambiance and representation of movement through the effects of light and interaction between light and space.

The early works of the Drive series display instances of light as seen from a window of a car or a high-speeding train – curves that are hardly noticeable without special equipment. Geometrically sound traces of streetlamps re-emerge on canvas as easel movements, reminding us of a different kind of “drive” noticeable in Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning methods of painting gestures. Mas treats the space between the figurative and the abstract as a decorative endeavour and a psychedelic state, where a viewer remains motionless when observing movement.

In the latest works of the series Mas rebuilds the perspective by slowing the pace and observing the light from a bicycle, not a car. Lack of discernible action and subject in the nightlife of Mas' choice has an endless potential of a “pure visibility”, a state of peace, where the world becomes a tranquil still life.

New York | London | Zürich