A series of objects made of metal and plastic and assembled in a high-scale spatial installation contributes to the theme of duality and ambiguity of any phenomenon, which is so important to Oksana Mas work.

Helium-3, which is considered the fuel of the future — a resource everyone will fight for — is an extremely rare substance on Earth, unlike the Moon where it is in abundance. It symbolizes the hopes and fears of the humanity the way the author swings this pendulum of implications, whereby black follows white, “yes” follows “no”, attraction changes to repulsion, nascence — to annihilation.

Only certain parts of the spheres are discernible to the eyes, as if their remaining volume was hidden underneath the floor and behind the walls that “restrained” the emerging of the whole. But according to Oksana’s minimalist aesthetics and wish to avoid explicit statements, this allusion to hyperrealism of particles is much closer to a philosophical model than it is to an atomic one.

New York | London | Zürich