"The master Oksana Mas uses mosaic only as an idea to search for the most life-asserting way of postmodern perception of reality that can visually convey the dismemberment of the apparent unity of things".

Achille Bonito Oliva

Italian contemporary art critic and curator 54th Venice Biennale

"In her paintings, Mas depicts a sensitive universe. In our fast speed world, she celebrates the subjective experience of time and asks: “To what extent could the world be shaped more poetically?” Her paintings open up other perceptual fields creating mental awareness. Through her purely visual thinking, she revives historical styles by creating a contemporary version".

Jeanette Zwingenberger, Ph.D

art historian, art critic, member of the AICA (International Association of Art Critics) and curator based in Paris

"Every second year, the contemporary art world converges on Venice to bask in its latest creations, a movable feast that requires patient navigation of the lagoon city's canals to reach the national pavilions, a main exhibit and dozens of side event".

The Daily Telegraph


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