Mas takes the spectator into her experience of seeing the world in a rhythmic, pulsating dimension.

The artist depicts her own environment with the intimacy of a diary: people feeding pigeons in a park, cyclists, a couple having rest or awaiting for someone.

Mas combines the spontaneity of an instant with timeless validity, which can never be obliterated. From an outsider’s perspective, she takes a bird’s eye view of our daily reality as if she invites us to stop and focus on what is happening at this magic moment that she has fixed on her canvas. Mas portrays the gravity or lightness of people in a rhythmical even highly-strung musical way. Beyond the expression of a face, she focuses the force lines, attitudes and situations: the dynamic character of forms in motion. As she softens the mass of the physical nature of her figures (as in, for example, the They are among us series), she lends them an ethereal presence.

New York | London | Zürich